The Trump Administration may be backing off the proposed $70 admission fee.

Back in October the President proposed a "peak season" entry fee of $70 to the National Parks, including Rocky Mountian National Park.  That's over double the current per-vehicle admission of $25 tor $30.

Neighboring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks along with The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and others would all raise the fee to $70 per vehicle if the idea becomes reality. As you guys know I'm a fan of the National Parks but there's a limit on how much I'd pay for the privilege. The Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke says the fee increase would help the Park Service with it's nearly $12 billion in maintenance projects. I understand, but doubling the cost is just too much. Many of you appear to agree.

When the idea was floated The Park Service uses a public submission site to collect comments. Nearly all of the 100,000 received by the Park Service was opposed to the idea. “$70 is insane...” read one of the comments. Another said, “Having to pay $70 just to get in would definitely make me consider other options for our family vacation.”

With so many opposed perhaps the increase won't happen, at least not this summer. What are your thoughts? How much are you willing to pay to visit the parks?

Credit: Fox31

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