Weather model predicts early and strong monsoon season.

Experts at the Climate Prediction Center in Maryland released their summer precipitation outlook map recently and it shows a bulls-eye over the Grand Valley, western Colorado and eastern Utah. It indicated that conditions are favorable for a 40%-to-50% increase in precipitation for the area.

That's great news as the region continues to suffer under severe drought conditions with Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in place. According to the model. conditions will stay about the same through the middle of June, then things look to change. Grand Junction National Weather forecaster Tom Renwick says, "there's a chance the high pressure now keeping things warm and dry in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope could shift east, which would allow moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to move into the area." That's great news should the prediction come to pass. Renwick also says, "it's not an exact science" and said the CPC "has been wrong and they've been right." Let's hope it's spot on and much-needed rain makes its way to the western slope.

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