According to a recent study from Stanford University, regular weed users have more sex. About 20% more.

Walt Disneyworld may be the "Happiest Place On Earth" but shouldn't Colorado be a close second? With all the scenic beauty, outdoor activities, and legal weed which appears to mean having more sex shouldn't more of us be walking around with smiles on our faces?

The study was comprehensive. 28,000 females and 23,000 males participated in the survey conducted by Stanford University and the National Survey of Family Growth, a nationally representative survey service for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The survey of Americans ages 15 to 49 found that females who used marijuana daily had sex with a male partner an average of 7.1 times per month, compared to 6 times per month for nonusers. The fellas who used marijuana daily reported having sex with a woman 6.9 times per month, compared to 5.6 times for nonusers. The findings were consistent regardless of race, age, education, income, religion, married or single.

What's all this mean for Coloradans? I'm not sure but sounds like I may need to partake and get out more.

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