Mix 104.3's Local Love is all about Scott Krug, one of the owners of a BBQ shack in Grand Junction. Here's how he's inspired by his mom and Texas when it comes to barbecuing.

Scott Krug grew up in a big family with six siblings. His family owned six different restaurants throughout his childhood and he learned a lot from his mom when it comes to cooking. One of the recipes that Scott still makes to this day is chicken and dumpling soup. She also inspired him with the way she cooked her roast beef.

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He says people would come from all around to have her roast beef and her technique in how she cooked it translates to how he cooks his briskets. There's a piece of Scott's mom in everything he makes. Scott owns a BBQ shack in Grand Junction with his business partner, Steve Martin.

Here's how they met and what makes the perfect brisket, according to Scott Krug.

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