A local therapy program has been visiting local Grand Junction healthcare facilities with adorable mini horses. The program, called The Mighty Mini Horse Therapy Program dresses mini horses up in costumes and pays visits to residents who could use a little cheering up.

The program previously allowed residents of hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities to interact with the horses, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, the horses stay outside but continue to spread smiles through the windows.

The owner of the program, Manette Steele said that despite the horses and their handlers not being allowed to enter the facilities, the residents are just as excited to see the cute little animals.

She had this to say about the new experiences:

“The first one that we did, I started to cry because people were rushing to the windows, they’re so happy to see us.”

The horses are very friendly, and according to Steele don't mind being dressed up in costumes and paraded around, but rather are perfectly content as long as they're fed.

The program is located in Ridgeway and operates as a non-profit organization. The program's mission statement, located on its website reads as such:

The Mighty Mini Horse Therapy Program (MMHTP) is the brainchild of Manette Steele, President/Founder who has been researching similar programs across the world for several years. MMHTP's commitment is to nurture and inspire people one pat at a time by visiting individuals and institutions alike promoting health and wellness. The program will be guided by the interest and demand of the community.

It's so nice to see members of the community with such big hearts helping those less fortunate and bringing smiles and unique experiences to them during this tough time.

[Western Slope Now]

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