An alleged white supremacist is coming to Grand Junction

Freedom of speech is an inalienable right and the foundation of our republic's self-government. At times it can be controversial. On April 14th, Milo Yiannopoulos, an alleged Nazi sympathizer and white supremacist, commentator, and author, is coming to Grand Junction for an event entitled "A Night with Milo." Are you cool with that?

Milo is stopping through on his way to Las Vegas. The location hasn't been disclosed for safety and security reasons. That's not unusual for his performances.

Yiannopoulos is famous, or infamous, depending on your point of view, for criticizing feminism and claiming that gays should be closeted, even though he himself is gay. He's been banned from Twitter for alleged harassment and abuse.

A check with local venues show no events booked for April 14th. The Mesa Theater, The Avalon, and Two Rivers all say there isn't a Milo gig at their facilities. I'm guessing there will be more info as we get closer to the show.

The question is "Is Grand Junction ok with these types of events coming to town?" For me, since it's a ticketed event, those that want to pay to see the show, whatever or whomever it may be, are free to attend. Tickets to see this guy go for $80-$100 and you must be over 18. If I'm paying that kind of money, I better be heading to a Metallica show. Just saying.

Credit: The Daily Sentinel     

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