We've all been watching a lot of television lately, that's why my ears perked up when I heard that they'll be filming a pilot in Denver and the state.

According to The Denver Business Journal, the show will be about a Native American woman who lives in the southwestern part of Colorado and is thinking about getting into politics. Gauging by the popularity of Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone,' I can see networks getting into this idea.

Denver Business Journal reports that the shooting of the pilot, alone, is going to bring in almost 200 jobs and nearly $8 million to the Colorado economy. If the pilot gets made into a series, it could mean upwards of $100 million.

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According to Variety, the show will be titled, 'Dark Horse' and the writer/executive producer associated with the pilot/show was behind ABC's 'Stumptown,' which I watched and enjoyed, if only because it had Jake Johnson from 'New Girl.'

'The writer/executive producer, William Jehu Garroutte is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

'Dark Horse' has a great sound to it. It will be shot not only in Denver but the Durango area. It would be fun to be able to see them film the show in either location. I'm guessing they'll be more information as in regards to auditions soon, as it's set to start filming this summer.

Get more on 'Dark Horse' filming its pilot in Colorado from the Denver Business Journal HERE.

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