The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is restructuring departments. The result is more eyes on the streets.

Mesa County will be adding 20 additional deputies this year. “Twelve of those deputies we're going to be hiring, are going to go towards patrol,” said Megan Terlecky with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. "The remainder of positions will work in the Mesa County Detention Facility."

In the past, the traffic unit had been just one person. Now, all of the patrol deputies will be working in traffic enforcement.


Mesa County Sheriff Issuing Speeding Tickets in School Zones
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The sheriff's office moved the one person working the traffic unit and reassigned them to a normal patrol. Deputies will incorporate traffic patrol into their daily routine as well as emergency calls and special cases.

Terlecky went on to say, “With the increase in crime we've seen an increase in population, and we've had fewer people to deal with that." The sheriff's office hopes to fill the open 20 spots by the end of the year.

What's does this mean for most of us? There will be more eyes out to help keep us safe but they too will be watching for those speeding, driving under the influence, and reckless driving. Be smart and be careful. That guarantees all of us will benefit from the increased efforts of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

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