Over the weekend local volunteers and organizations descended on a local dump site near 30 Road and C and helped clean up.

While I was up on The Grand Mesa yesterday for Free Fishing Day. I also picked up quite a bit of trash. I just can comprehend why people think it's ok to toss cans, butts, and worst of all, discarded fishing line on the ground or in the water. It gets wrapped around birds' feet, tangled in fish fins, and a hazard to any critter that may make its way along the bank. So when I heard the news of the efforts of The Bureau of Land Management, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club, and other local organizations and volunteers and their clean-up of a local dump site, I wanted to share the news.

Ray Michaels

Around 50 volunteers pitched in to help. Discarded electronics, tires, small appliances, and more were removed. In all, nearly 8 tons of trash was removed.

Ray Michaels

According to officials with the Bureau of Land Management, they claim they would like to convert the area at 30 Road and C into some type of recreation area. Perhaps a cool riding area for Jeeps, ATVs, and similar off-road vehicles.

Authorities also want to remind persons that dumping trash is against the law. Please take all trash to a dumpster or to a recycling center. The BLM would be better served planning outdoor recreation activities instead of spending time picking up garbage. A special "thank you" to all the volunteers and those that gave of their time to help clean up

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