Fans who attended the Lamb of God show Tuesday night (Nov. 12) in Vancouver, British Columbia were probably a little surprised to see Fear Factory’s Matt DeVries playing bass for the band. According to reports, DeVries is the temporary replacement for John Campbell, who was recently sidelined by a family emergency.

Lamb of God are currently out on their co-headlining tour with Killswitch Engage, Testament and Huntress. DeVries will play with Lamb of God through a Nov. 16 gig in Saskatoon and then he will return to Fear Factory, who are headed out on the road with Megadeth. There's no word yet if Campbell will return after that date or if Lamb of God will recruit another replacement bassist for the remainder of the tour.

DeVries seemed more than happy to help out his comrades, sharing, “I am stoked and honored to be out on such an incredible tour with some great friends."

Lamb of God were forced to cancel their show on Nov. 11 in Kent. Wash., before DeVries could join them to fill in. Details of Campbell’s emergency departure have been kept private at this time but Loudwire would like to extend our best wishes to the bassist and his family.

Lamb of God’s tour continues on through the end of November and the band just released their 10 year anniversary edition of their 2003 release ‘As The Palaces Burn.’ See the band's remaining dates here.

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