Former Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell has revealed his true feelings about Linkin Park's landmark album Hybrid Theory — that it was a "watered down version" of their own 1995 album, Demanufacture. 

Speaking with Metal Hammer, Bell referred to Demanufacture as a completely new sound than anything anyone had done before.

"It had the combination of heavy guitars and industrial and electronic elements," he explained. "And my voice was part of it – no one was mixing that kind of clean singing and the heavy vocal delivery at the same time. For a long time, people thought it was two different singers."

The vocalist cited the album as career-defining for Fear Factory, and stated that they nearly concocted a new genre — in which others unsuccessfully tried to duplicate.

"Well, you know, Linkin Park did a watered-down version of Demanufacture," he claimed, adding that he wasn't a fan of Hybrid Theory. "I respect what they did, but to me it sounded like Demanufacture for kids."

As of today, Hybrid Theory has sold over 27 million copies worldwide, and is considered one of the highest-selling debut albums in rock history.

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