Fear Factory, Mr. Belding, Al Jourgensen's penis -- quite the unholy trifecta, yes? Well, THAT just happened.

At Fear Factory's Jan. 22 performance in West Hollywood, Calif., the band was joined by a couple of cult legends. First off, actor Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on 'Saved by the Bell,' was backstage hanging out with Fear Factory. Yep, Mr. Belding is a metalhead!

Adding to the priceless scene was Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen, who pulled out his meat and potatoes. The bizarre happening was caught on film and posted on the Whisky a Go Go's Instagram page. The photo has since been taken down, but not before fans were able to grab a few screenshots:

Ministry's Al Jourgensen, Fear Factory + Mr. Belding
Instagram: Whisky a Go Go

Mr. Belding can be seen face-palming in the background, his eyes having been attacked by Jourgensen's twig and berries. The Fear Factory members seem a little less surprised (it is Al Jourgensen, after all) but they all seem affected by Uncle Al's frank 'n' beans in their own way.

The 'Saved by the Bell' principal even stepped out onstage to introduce Fear Factory, as you can see in this Instagram post:


As for Al Jourgensen, the industrial pioneer is planning to bring Ministry on the road one last time for a healthy batch of 2015 North American tour dates. Ministry's lineup will consist of key Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin and drummer Aaron Rossi; along with bassist Tony Campos (Static-X / Soulfly) and guitarist Monte Pittman (Madonna / Prong).

See you soon, Uncle Al!

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