In honor of National Football Hangover Day, here's where to get what ails ya.

After one of the more boring NFL Championship games in some time, you may need a drink whether you partied too hard or not. Word has it that about 17 million people will call into work “sick” today. For those that make it in, an estimated 22 million either arrived late or plan to leave early from their jobs.

There's been a discussion about making the day after the "Big Game" and a national holiday. Back in 2016, the Heinz corporation tired to get 100,000 people to sign a petition to send to Congress. The effort garnered 70,997 signatures. Since Heinz is owned by the Kraft people, the Kraft family are the owners of the Patriots, then perhaps they can make it a holiday. It certainly is one in Boston today.

Since today isn't a holiday for us and you're likely still feeling the effects of yesterday's overindulgence, you're in need of a cure. The best is a couple extra-strenth pain-relievers and a Bloody Mary...maybe two. So in honor of National Football Hangover Day here are a few Grand Junction area spots to grab a quality bloody beverage.

Peach Street Distillers- Their Boody Mary's are the stuff of legend. If you have friends in from out of town right up there with a drive through the Monument is stopping at Peach Street Distilleries in Palisade for a drink. They come in a fruit jar loaded with garnishments.

Mary’s Restaurant- I know this may not be the first place you think of to get a quality Bloody Mary but trust me, they're for real!  They're big too. Plus, you can get breakfast or one of their famous cheeseburgers to go with it.

Citrolas Pizzaria- This little joint at 759 Horizon Drive was one of the first places yelled back at me when I asked the question "Where's the best Bloody Mary in town." I've not been there but now I've got to find out for myself.

Be sure to share your hangover experience and how you dealt with the situation on social media. Be sure use the #FootballHangoverDay hashtag. Most importantly, drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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