I enjoy going out for breakfast. It's one of my favorites to eat out but who has the time? I never eat breakfast through the week. I'm up, hit the shower, and into work. A couple cups of coffee and that's about it. This weekend I'm making a plan to go out.

For me, a quality breakfast is, good food at the right price, quality service, and if they sling Bloody Mary's, that's a big plus. My list isn't based on science or much data.  I hit up Yelp, asked a few coworkers, and a handful of locals. Here are my Grand Junction Top 5 breakfast joints. You agree?

5-Lois' Place

Ray Michaels

I must admit, I know very little about this place.  Even though it's close to where I live, I've not been. The online reviews look great and it appears to be popular with the natives. The photos online good. You can't beat a giant omelet and hash browns.

4-The Egg & I

Ray Michaels

I have been here, once. The first day or two in town the boss took me there. I recall everything was fresh and the service was good too. The online reviews look great.

3-Mary's Restaurant

Ray Michaels

This breakfast I have had. It's the all-American diner done western slope style. Everything is made from scratch and always fresh. All with a Mexican twist too. Green chili on mine, please!

2-Spoons Bistro & Bakery 

Ray Michaels

I'ver not tried it but I've heard great things. I will say this it's top on the list when it comes to location and patio. A water fountain and outside dining make this place special. It appears the food is top notch too.  Tons of positive reviews online and from friends.

 1-Dream Cafe'

Ray Michaels

In the heart of downtown, this is a breakfast "dream" come true. The reviews are off the chart and everyone I've asked all had great things to say. I must get there soon. With the outdoor patio and awesome menu, it's no surprise this place lands at the top of the list.

Well, there you have it. It's my list of best breakfast places here in Junction.  Who did I leave off?  What's your favorite? I will see you out for some Sunday morning dining this weekend!  Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Bloody Mary, spicy please.

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