Heather Jensen is back in Mesa County and her children will now get a proper burial, something she was trying to keep from happening. Thursday February 7, 2013 William and Tyler Jensen will finally be laid to rest in Palisade, Colorado.
Palisade Cemetery will become the final resting place of the two and four year old boys who died from hyperthermia in November 2012 on the Grand Mesa. Their grandmother, Diane Mathena fought hard and spent thousands for the right to take care of their service.

Mesa County District Judge Tomas Deister granted her a permanent injunction earlier this week related to the boys funeral services. Diane filed for an injunction in December to stop Heather Jensen from cremating the boys. That was granted on December 10, 2012 after she paid five grand in court costs.

The injunction states Heather has no right to decide what happens to her boys if she is charged with a felony in connection with their deaths. That condition was met when she was arrested in Florida on a felony arrest warrant on January 16th, 2013 while visiting her mother.

Only Mesa County Human Services, which had custody of the bodies, had priority over the grandmother to make decisions regarding their services and resting place. They denied that and gave all rights to the grandmother. William and Tyler will be buried next to their father Eric Jensen, who died in a car accident in October 2012.

Heather Jensen is currently in Mesa County Jail on a $150,000 bond. Her attorney is currently trying to persuade Mesa County Judge Valerie Robison to issue a gag order on the case. Robison is set to preside over a formal filing of charges on Thursday February 7, 2013. Her lawyer is concerned over if media coverage would hinder an impartial jury and what he calls a, "Large group of people in the community with ‘lynch mob’ mentality about the defendant and this case.”