Facecbook, Lee County Sheriff’s Office [Inset][/caption]The mother of William and Tyler Jensen, who died of hyperthermia in November 2012 on the Grand Mesa near Powderhorn, is now back in Mesa County, Colorado.

Heather Jensen is currently calling Mesa County Jail home after she was successfully transported from Florida back to Western Colorado last week. Heather Jensen was having sex with a man in his car on the side of the road for an hour and a half, as her children fatally overheated in the middle of winter.

Mesa County Sheriff's Department

She was arrested and booked into Lee County Jail in Florida while visiting her mother on a Mesa County arrest warrant. She faces charges related to her negligence and deaths of her two children because of her selfish actions.


Heather Jensen is now receiving three hots and a cot in the Mesa County Jail unless someone decides to post her $150,000 bond. She has been charged with two counts of child abuse resulting in death, criminal negligence, criminally negligent homicide and making a false report.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

While Heather was in the man's car her four year old son Tyler had opened the car door at one point. She went back to her vehicle, gave him her cell phone to occupy him and hit the child locks on the doors. Heather then returned to the man's car to finish her business as her children sadly fatally overheated.