Tim Tebow was a great college quarterback, but he's proven that having a great college career doesn't mean that someone will automatically have a great NFL career.

While talking about Tebow signing with the Philadelphia Eagles on his Showtime show, Jim Rome asked NFL kicker Jay Feely to weigh in. First, having Jay Feely as an analyst isn't the best idea since he was a kicker and no one cares what they have to say. However, he said something recently that pretty much everyone would agree with, and that is that Tim Tebow is the worst quarterback he's ever seen. 

But there is actually something worse than a kicker criticizing the play of another football player, and that is a punter weighing in about any football related topic ever since a punter is a step below a kicker, and no one cares what they have to say.

Apparently, Pat McAfee had an issue with what Jay Feely had to say about Tim Tebow, so McAfee decided to fire a shot back at Feely because, why not?

An argument between a punter and kicker? That's like the Netherlands and Luxembourg starting a war with each other.

The fact is that Tebow probably doesn't care with ether of these people have to say, just like the rest of America.