Tim askes former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters to marry him.

Tim made of the most memorable plays in Denver Broncos playoff history. In the quickest overtime game in NFL history, Tim Tebow hit wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on the first play of OT for an 80-yard game-winning touchdown in the 2011 AFC Wild Card playoffs to advance to the divisional round. As cool as that play was it's nothing compared to what he pulled off Wednesday.

Did you catch the part that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is 2017's Miss Universe? So the story goes, they were strolling along at his family's farm at about sunset. Walking to a spot near a small lake where Tim had built an arbor and an engraved bench that marked the spot where they had their first date. There Tim got down on one knee, one of Tim's moves we're all quite familiar with, and popped the question. To help make sure the play worked Tim slipped a 7.25-carat diamond engagement ring onto her finger.

At times, OB's need to call an audible and or use deception to try and trick the defense. Tim pulled off some trickery on this play too. Did I mention that she's a former Miss Universe? Right, anyway...Tebow wanted to make sure he got this play right! So to not tip her off, Tim told her they would be having a belated Christmas dinner with his family. To further disguise his intentions he also told her he was giving his dad a new truck. He even borrowed a truck from a local dealership and put a big bow on it to sell the defense, I mean Miss Universe. Long story short, she said "yes" and Tim Tebow has indeed pulled off the greatest play of his life.

Credit: Fox31 

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