I fully expect to catch all kinds of hell for saying this. But, with the word that Peyton Manning is injured, it's time for the Denver Broncos to bring back Tim Tebow. Go ahead. Let the mocking begin. 

Here are some facts. Peyton Manning has a torn something or other. Brock Osweiler has never won a regular season game. His backup for the game in Chicago is Trevor Siemian, a seventh-round draft pick. Make fun if you wish, but Tim Tebow is the last Denver Bronco quarterback not named Peyton Manning to win a playoff game.

For what it's worth, I'm not the only one saying this. Roger Simmons of the Orlando Sentinel also mentioned the possibility of Tebow returning to the Broncos.

...if not with the Eagles, what about the Broncos -- the team that drafted Tebow in the first place?

Denver starter Payton Manning is also injured. ESPN reports that Manning has a torn plantar fascia in his right foot -- putting his playing status in doubt too.

Do I expect this to happen? No way. The PR circus that John Elway knows would follow Tebow back to the Broncos would be more than he'd be willing to deal with. However, do I need to remind anyone what Tim is capable of in a playoff game?

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