I hate to hate on Justin Timberlake, but he was in N'Sync, and he now thinks he is some sort of R&B prodigy, so I have trouble liking the guy. But there have been a few of his movies I have enjoyed and even a few of his music videos I mute just to watch. His newest video for "Tunnel Vision" sets a new bar... With naked chicks!! 

Before the video plays on Justin Timberlake's VEVO channel, YouTube users are presented with a explicit content warning that they must click on before playing the video. YouTube originally banned the video because of its explicit content. However, the video has been brought back to the site with a warning.

Yeah, it's not just chicks you think are naked, you actually see their lady parts!

Just don't forget to find where your mute key is. Then sit back and enjoy silence as some super hot chicks dance around in the nude!