The Sun is staying up longer, the driving ranges are open so its time to wake-up that hibernating golf swing. If you’re like me you may have gone to the range and after about a half a bucket of balls you start thinking, “where the hell did my swing go?” Well, like any sport it’s all about muscle memory and your muscles have forget. Here is a simple exercise to help wake up that swing.
Go pick up a pack of wiffle golf balls, they don’t cost much and they come as a dozen. Then each night after work or before you go to work take about 25 to 30 minutes and just work on your swing. At the range most people work through a few clubs, but with this exercise pick just one club each day. The most important part of this is to work on making good contact with the ball and swing through the ball. This exercise is not about power, its about tempo and hitting the ball strait. I know some people don’t like the wiffle golf balls but I think they are a good tool. You can use them in the backyard or in the park and you can really focus on making good contact with ball. Keeping the ball in play is how you will shave strokes off your score.
Try this exercise for a week or so then go to the range. I think you will find that your time at the range is more productive and in turn you will have more fun on the course.