Ted Nugent
There is one simple moto that I have followed my whole life, and it has kept me out of a lot of trouble... LOVE EVERYBODY, and if you can't, at least be nice to them. This coming from a guy who isn't even in the national eye, if you are, you really need to listen to that moto. Well, Ted Nugent didn't take that advice, and now he will pay the price. 

Nugent has always been extremely right-winged and not afraid to let you know about his political views... That's not my cup of tea, so I have always ignored him, but still enjoyed jamming out to a few of his songs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that is what makes this country great, but if you hate entire groups of people then you, my frien have problems.

The video posted below has gotten under my skin, and now I have no desire to ever hear "Cat Scratch Fever" again...