Most Americans believe using marijuana and alcohol is acceptable.

The results of a recent Gallup poll suggest the majority of Americans believe using marijuana and alcohol are morally acceptable. 78% of respondents said drinking alcohol is acceptable and a surprising 65% say marijuana is ok too. The poll conducted in early May asked Americans what behavior they believed were morally acceptable or morally wrong.

The poll says that marijuana ranked near the top of the list of what is morally acceptable. Smoking weed ranked behind birth control, drinking alcohol, and divorce which came in a 76% acceptable. Weed use scored about the same as activities such as gambling, sex out of marriage, gay or lesbian relations, and having a baby outside of marriage, as being acceptable behavior. It certainly appears the moral compass of America has shifted considerably over the last 20 years or so.

Americas may becoming ok with weed but other activities are still looked upon as "not cool." Those human activities that ranked the lowest on the list of morally unacceptable behavior were: having an affair, cloning humans, polygamy, and suicide.

The biggest takeaway from this poll is that even though marijuana remains illegal in much of the county, most Americans don't object to using weed based on moral grounds. What do you think? Colorado residents are more accepting of marijuana use. Morally, is weed worse, about the same, or more acceptable than alcohol?

Credit: KOAA5News

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