84% of Millennials believe marijuana should be legalized.

With 4/20 approaching its time to break down some numbers.  9 states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana. Over 50% believe it's a matter of time before the rest of the US follows suit. According to a recent Gallup poll, 64% believe weed should be made legal. Fans say too they believe that weed is safe. Not only that, but most believe it has legitimate health benefits. The poll says too that most Millennials say that weed is 'fun" to use recreationally. Fun and good for you? What do you think?

Millennials are defined as anyone born between 1981 and 1996 in the age range of 22-37. Here are their thoughts according to the poll:

    • 87.6% believe marijuana is safer than alcohol
    • 85.6% of millennials believe that it's actually "good for your health"
    • 93.2% say marijuana is better for athletes than traditional painkillers
    • 89.2.% want weed allowed in sports
    • 81.2% believe those behind bars for marijuana-related crimes should be released
    • 54.4% think weed should be allowed in public

You may not agree with these poll results but the fact is millennials will soon be our mayors, governors, and legislators. The marijuana laws and rules of engagement are changing and changing fast. Happy 4/20 everyone!


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