Sunday two Florida teens using the iPhone app “Police Lights” found themselves in jail because they were bored. 19-year-old Ryan Schulze and 18-year-old Matthew Davis were in a mall parking lot waiting for a friend to get off work. They got bored and started using the app “Police Lights’ that mimics actual police lights and sirens and began pulling over cars in the parking lot.
A Naples police officer patrolling the mall’s parking lot noticed an unmarked tan Ford Ranger flashing red and blue lights behind a vehicle. He didn’t recognize the pickup as a police vehicle, but did know Ryan Schulze and knew he was not in law enforcement.
The officer pulled the teens over and they told him “were just messing around waiting for a friend to get off work”. The officer might have let them off with a warning if not for the aroma coming from the pickup. After a quick search he found their pipe with a small amount of marijuana still in it. Now, in Colorado this isn’t a big deal, in Florida trust me this is a big deal.
Schulze, faces a felony charge of impersonating an officer and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of blue lights. Davis, faces the same charges plus possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
Maybe iPhone should come up with an app to warn you when you are being a dumb-ass.