For those that came out, last night's show at The Mesa Theater was well worth it. I get it that Tuesday isn't really the best night to rock out but when there's that kind of talent on stage, you really should make the effort.

People ask me all the time "How many concerts have you been to?" I can only guess. It's somewhere in 500 range. Guess what? Most of those shows weren't on a weekend, or a holiday, or even in the town I happened to reside in at the time. If you love something, you'll make the effort to experience it. Lucky me, The Mesa Theater is only 6 blocks from my house so I didn't have to work too hard to see last night's show. I'm glad I made the effort.

The three bands were ZamTrip, City Of The Weak, and Wayland. Each put on a great show. It's clear these bands perform because they love what they do. Their music is their life and it clearly shows. Regardless how large, or small, the crowd these bands will bring it. Because they love it. That's why I go, to experience the music, marvel at their talent, and feel their passion.



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