Have you ever tried to get your dog to hold still for one second while you attempted to snap a photo? Impossible, isn't it? How did this Grand Junction photographer manage to get six puppies to sit still and say "cheese" long enough to pull off these shots?

I was looking through some of my grandpa's pictures earlier today and came across these photos from September 1952. Unfortunately, the prints made no mention as to who the puppies belonged to.

The photographer, Robert Grant, like his grandson, was a dog lover. Somehow, these prints never caught my attention until today.

No doubt you'll agree getting six puppies to line up in a row and sit still for several shots qualifies as a minor miracle.

How on Earth did he and the dogs' owners manage to get all the puppies to sit up while staying in a row in a box? That's a neat trick.

If you're a dog lover, my hope is you'll enjoy the photos. It looks to me like the dogs had a good home and loving family.