Last Sunday's hike at Palisade Rim finished with breakfast in Clifton. I wanted to enjoy something in Palisade but discovered I was unfamiliar with the town's restaurants. What would you consider to be Palisade's best breakfast restaurant?

Why did I go to Clifton? For starters, it is on the way home. Secondly, the Denny's in Clifton is an old standby. It's consistent, affordable, and I know someone working there. I drop in to see Sergio. He used to work at Mary's Restaurant in Orchard Mesa, one of my old haunts. He has since relocated to Denny's. Lastly, I can get breakfast at Denny's for roughly $10 after tip.

Nothing against Denny's or Clifton, but I would like to enjoy something in Palisade. It's a small town, inviting, and I'm already there following a hike, whether it be Palisade Rim or Mt. Garfield. My only problem - I'm not familiar with any of the restaurants.

I do have a few criteria when it comes to dining out. First, I'm cheap. $10 is about as much as I can justify for breakfast, with $12 being my ceiling. I'm also a very simple guy. The more basic the breakfast, the better.

For no particular reason, I've aligned myself with the idea breakfast in Palisade would be pricey. For the record, I have no reason to justify this belief. It may be very affordable for all I know.

Help a guy out. Breakfast in Palisade will accompany my next Mt. Garfield adventure. All I need now is a venue fitting my budget and open for business by 9 a.m. Do you know of such a place? Please vote for Palisade's best. If you don't see it on the list, write it in, and I'll include it in the survey.

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