Election day is coming soon. Are you ready?

So many races, issues, amendments, and propositions on the ballot it's best to be prepared. For a summary of what's on the 2018 Colorado ballot, there's a nice one HERE.

First, it's still not too late to register to vote. In Colorado, you can register all the way up to Election Day, November 6th. It's too late to have a mail-in ballot sent to you but you can pick one up, fill it out and drop it off, or you vote in person. The Secretary of State office handles Colorado voting. To register, just click HERE.

Second, a sample ballot it really helpful. With so many people and issues on the ballot, a chance to look it over in advance will make voting easier and save you time. You'll be voting in the gubernatorial race all the way down to the local offices that could include the sheriff’s office, county coroners, city offices, and more. Not to mention all the constitutional issues such as transportation and oil and gas measures. Like I said, a sample ballot is really helpful. Download or print one HERE.

If you have a ballot and not mailed it already, hang on to it. It's too late to mail it in but you can drop it off in-person. That way it makes it in on time and counts. There are 24-hour ballot drop-off locations and boxes. To find the one nearest you just enter your address HERE. After you've dropped off your ballot, you can track it. You can do that on the Secretary of State's website.

Now you're ready! Living in a country that allows each of us to have a say in how we're governed is a beautiful thing. Now, go rock the vote!

Credit: Denver7  

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