A software glitch after the Colorado Secretary of State made an upgrade caused 779 voters who registered via mobile device. Those 779 people may not be registered, and the Colorado Secretary of State can't figure out who they are.

If you registered to vote via mobile device you should probably double check if you are one of the under 800 affected. A glitch in the Colorado mobile votrer registration system affected those who registered on a device like a smartphone or tablet between September 14 and September 24, 2012.

The Colorado Secretary of State's office is unable to determine who exactly is affected and are, "Operating under the assumption that we're not going to be able to figure out [who they are]."

Speaking of the upcoming 2012 presidential election, new voting laws could delay election results because of new laws in some states. Some states have more residents sending in provisional ballots which could delay results for days and result in lawsuits over which ballots should be counted. If the vote for president is close, some states could leave presidential results up for question. Others could have delays in local or statewide elections.

A political scientist from the University of Florida has said, "It's a possibility of a complete meltdown for the election."

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