It just happened again. A Grand Junction restaurant employee just received a whopper of a gratuity, all thanks to a locally owned Grand Junction business.

This happened last year, and now it's happened again. Who's behind this incredible act of generosity?

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Grand Junction Businesses Supporting One Another

Do you remember back in December 2020 when the downtown Grand Junction business Board Fox Games kicked off a campaign to award a generous tip to a local server? They asked you to vote for which restaurant should receive the funds.

Great Things Happening in 2021

Well, it happened again. Board Fox Games asked you to nominate a local restaurant.  The restaurant receiving the most votes would be paid a visit from the crew at Board Fox Games. Tips were collected at Board Fox Games, with the store then kicking in an additional $500. After dinner at the winning restaurant, the crew would leave an amazing gratuity.

The Facebook page for Board Fox Games reads:

The Goat and Clover Tavern received the most votes for our tip a server Christmas present, AGAIN!! Our waitress, Jessica, received $1,805 in tips from our customers and we matched $500 for a total of $2,305! When we say we have the best customers and the best community, we truly mean it!

Congratulations to Jessica

Check it out! Jessica received an amazing tip to the tune of $2,305.00. Can you imagine receiving a $2K gratuity?

This is Grand Junction in Action

Keep in mind, it all started with the bucks you kicked in at Board Fox Games, along with your selection for the most deserving restaurant. From there, an awesome local business kicked in additional funds. When it's all said and done, someone's Christmas, in this case, Jessica, just got a whole bunch brighter.

Check out the amazing video below. You'll see the Christmas spirit along with local pride in full force.

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