Do you have any leftover egg cartons? Don't throw them away. A Grand Junction organization needs them.

Is someone building a recording studio? Seriously, we used to use old egg cartons to serve as acoustic paneling in band rooms and recording studios. It turns out they serve another great purpose - holding eggs.

Imagine that, reusing egg cartons to hold... eggs. The Community Food Bank at 562 Crete Circle, Suite 102 in Grand Junction needs them. They receive eggs in bulk from the USDA and then repackage them in dozens to distribute to residents of Western Colorado.

In this case, they are looking for cartons holding a dozen eggs. If you have those that hold 18, they can be used, too, but cartons holding 12 are ideal. Save a little wear and tear on the landfill and put them to good use.

Should you have any extra egg cartons, you can drop them off at one of two locations:

  • Community Food Bank at 562 Crete Circle Suite 102 in Grand Junction
  • 2851 Chamomile Drive in Grand Junction (residence)

In either case, if no one is around, feel free to drop cartons at the front door. In the event you are unable to deliver them, arrangements can be made to have them picked up.

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