I took a poll on Facebook asking listeners if they think John Elway should be fired or not, here are the results:


Of the Facebook participants polled, the majority think it's time for number seven to hang up his hat. However, the percentage of people ready to kick Elway to the curb was only 47%, putting those opposed to keeping him just barely in the lead.

I didn't quite expect this, but 41% of the participants polled were either indifferent or kind of avoided the question altogether. We had a couple of "who cares?" responses and one listener that merely let us know that they went to High School together.

Ok, now where's that last little piece of the pie? Those are the people, or I should say, person, that thinks we should keep John Elway.

I'll admit, the Broncos have not been exactly shining since the Sherriff Peyton Manning was around, but my question is, what does John Elway even do? To me, it seems like he's that guy at work that's friends with the boss' kid and just hangs around but nobody has any idea what he does. I could be wrong, I'll admit I haven't looked into it that much, but he isn't the owner, he isn't the coach, he seems like the boss' kid's friend.

I remember fondly being in elementary school and seeing the Broncos win back to back Super Bowls with Elway at the helm. I remember seeing him on TV selling cars from John Elway dealerships. Heck, even South Park has mentioned him at least a few times. The guy is a Colorado legend.

However, maybe even for Elway's own sake, perhaps it's time he does call it quits. I mean, if the vast majority of Coloradoans are blaming Elway for our less than a stunning team, does he really want this dark period to be tied to his name and tarnish his once gleaming reputation? Time will tell.

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