This Grand Junction fast food restaurant shut down its seating area over a year ago. As of this Saturday, the dining area will reopen.

The Burger King at 233 N. 1st Street has been open continuously since the pandemic. While they've offered carryout and drive-thru, the seating area has been off limits.

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Why was it closed?

When the quarantine took effect back in March 2020, this location didn't miss a beat. Changes did have to be made, though. Barriers were put up blocking off the dining area.

Customers could still enter the business and place carry-out orders. For that matter, you would see several food delivery services picking up orders at the front counter. What you didn't see, not for the last year, were people sitting down in the dining area.

What's the big deal?

This is a big deal to me and many people I know. This particular location is something of a hot spot for the local radio people. We look forward to gathering there for breakfast before heading to the studio. It's also a popular stop for area broadcast engineers as they set out for the transmitter sites on Back Ridge.

Popular Grand Junction hangouts for the radio crews.

If you go back in time a decade or so, Talley's on the 600 block of Main Street in Grand Junction used to be the radio people hangout. I'm not sure how that came to be. It probably started with Mitch "The Loud Guy" Micheau. He became a fan of Talley's primarily because Mr. Talley used to be a professional wrestler. Oddly, Talley's was a popular hangout for radio peeps and IRS agents. Go figure.

When will the dining area reopen?

According to the manager at Burger King at 233 N. 1st Street, the dining area will reopen the start of business this Saturday, March 20, 2021.

What does this say about the situation?

This confirms, at least in my mind, we are creatures of habit. I drive by 20 coffee and breakfast places on my way to work (if you want to call this work). It's probably safe to say they're all pretty good. For that matter, we have a coffee pot and top-quality coffee for the crew here at the studio. Nevertheless,  I like this place, Burger King at 1st and White. The crew is excellent, the coffee is good, and they have great deals. Parking it in the seating area and enjoying a coffee always makes for a great start to the day.

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