Being a musician is often a lifelong quest to become some level of a master of a certain instrument. However, any established musician will tell you that no matter how many hours you put into learning, practicing, and enriching your natural ability, you can never truly become a master of an instrument.

A musician can spend their entire life working hard to learn as much as they can about music, a particular instrument, and everything that goes into becoming a master and there will always be more to learn. Likewise, a musician can practice techniques every day for a lifetime and there will always be a level of mastery that is simply unattainable by a human being.

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Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking residents of Grand Junction, Colorado that if they could choose to magically master any musical instrument, which would they choose, and got all kinds of great responses.

Grand Junction Would Choose to Master These Musical Instruments

Many of the instruments that Grand Junction residents would choose to master are instruments that are popular among musicians and take a lot of time and dedication to achieve any level of mastery. These instruments include guitar, drums, bass, piano, violin, banjo, and others.

Some of the instruments that Grand Junction residents said that they would choose to master were especially difficult instruments to play including the harp and the bagpipes.

Of course, there were also humorous responses to my question with Heather having fun giving answers like "Guitar Hero Guitar," the triangle, the recorder, and the maracas. Khristine also gave the lighthearted response of kazoo, and Brian, always the comedian, said that he'd like to master the bacon double cheeseburger.

Take a look at some of the instruments that Grand Junction residents would choose to master:

Grand Junction Would Magically Master these Instruments

According to you, if you were given the chance to magically master any musical instrument, this is what you’d choose.

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