We love Grand Junction because of all the beauty and uniqueness of its surroundings. Here are a few sayings, unique to this area, that tend to make out-of-towners go, "Whaaaaa?".

1. "Is there Goat in here?"

You're staring into your Bloody Mary, and your new-to-Palisade friend is wondering why you would be looking for a farm animal in your breakfast beverage. Little do they know it's the best vodka EVER, and it's local.

2. "I could really go for a float." (Heads into the garage.)

You come out in a swimsuit and a life vest with a black inner tube around your arm. All the while, your friend was thinking ice cream.

3. Your cousin is moving, so of course, you ask, "Did you get your jar of dirt?"

You naturally take a full 15 minutes to explain the serious nature of the dreaded Ute Curse.

4. "Your band is playing 15 minutes from here? Sorry. Too far."

Because what lunatic would go ALL THE WAY TO FRUITA to see a band? Yes, you are aware that you have to drive that far in other cities for (even) a grocery store, but this is Grand Junction and you're not doing it.

5. "Let's meet at the dinosaur."

You break down and decide your buddy's band is worth the 15-minute drive, but you don't know where they're playing. The dinosaur is the obvious meeting place... unless you're not from Grand Junction.

Those are just a few of the things that make us... well, US! Let's take some pride in our fair valley. #westslopebestslope

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