Get yourself a permit from the Bureau of Land Management so you can do it old school and go cut your own tree.

Today, November 21st is the day the Bureau of Land Management starts selling Christmas tree cutting permits. With that permit in hand, you're good to head out to designated public lands and cut yourself a tree. Cutting our tree was a task reserved for myself and my great uncle. Every year we'd head out on a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree. It's crazy, but that tree didn't look that big standing there in the field. I'm still freaked out from the time my uncle fired up the chainsaw in the living room to cut off a foot or so off that tree. I told him it was "way too big!."

Three cutting permits are $10 per tree and can be purchased at the Grand Junction Field Office, 2815 H Road, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you can't sneak out of work and snag one from the Office, permits are also available at the Glade Park Store seven days a week.

When you head out remember that only Pinyon Pine and Junipers are the trees you can harvest. You can purchase more than one permit at a time, but the trees themselves can only be used for your personal, friends, or family and can't be resold.

Most of the approved areas to cut your tree are within an hours drive of Grand Junction. You can grab a map from the BLM office when you purchase your permit. Off-road vehicles and ATV's are not permitted to haul out your tree. You must park along the road and walk in and out. Don't forget a quality saw, rope, and plenty of water. Sure it's not easy doing it the old-fashioned way but the experience can create a fun family memory. Good luck and happy tree cutting! For more information, call the BLM office at 970 244-3000.

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