Would you like to take a gander at some of the best Christmas trees in Western Colorado? Here's a place where you can see several Grand Junction area trees, as well as others from all over the world, all decked out for the holiday.

While you're at it, you can show off your Christmas tree, too. A Grand Junction resident launched a very popular social media page where people can share images of their trees, and your presence is requested.

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The Best Christmas Trees Out There

Here's a chance to get a close-up look at some of the best Christmas tree decorations out there, while not getting busted for breaking and entering.

Facebook features a page called "Post Your Christmas Trees Here!" The page is home to a group of Western Colorado residents who graciously, and enthusiastically, post pictures of their decorated trees.

Awesome Page is Hosted by an Old Friend in Grand Junction

The admin for the page is former KEKB jock, Evan Ryder. He's been hosting this page for years. The site features trees of every size, shape, and kind, from around the country.

Tons of Work Went Into These Christmas Trees

At a glance, it appears as though everyone in the world spends more time on their tree than I do. Mine received about an hour, and it was lucky to get that. Half of my lights didn't work this year. No biggie. This Christmas my tree is only half-illuminated. My theme for this year - Star Trek. Oddly, it seems this has been the theme for about, oh, roughly 28 years.

Show Off Your Tree

Would you like to feature your tree on this page? Do it. You'll find that members of the group check-in frequently to see what the Joneses are up to. Most comments are filled with "oohs" and "aahs" in sincere support of each other's fine work.

I spoke to the admin, and he would be delighted if you would join the group. Show off that tree with pride. While the page is based in Grand Junction, Colorado, people from all over the world share their photos with this site. The photos below were gathered with permission from the Facebook page's administrator.

Some of Western Colorado's Best Christmas Trees 2021

Do you have your Christmas tree up? If so, share it with the world on the Western Colorado Facebook page "Post Your Christmas Tree Here." Okay, so some of these trees come from outside of Western Colorado. Still, they shared with this local page.

The Grand Valley's Best Holiday Light Displays for 2021

Take a look at some of the Grand Valley's best holiday lights displays below. Think your house is one of the best decorated in the neighborhood? Send it to us and you could win $500.

KEEP SCROLLING: Robert Grant Photos: Grand Junction Christmas Light Displays of the 1940s

These decorations don't compare to the magnificent blue light display you'll see in the neighborhood in the northwest part of town. It was a different time. Even at that, there's something heartwarming about these 1948 decorations.

These are the best of the best of 1948. I regret I don't know which house placed first, second, etc. In the end, it doesn't matter. They're all great. Take a look at the gallery. Who knows? You might see a house you recognize. For that matter, you might see someone you recognize.

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