The holidays are coming up fast and before you know it, you'll be up against shipping deadlines for getting your packages to their destination on time. It's time to get going.

When it comes to sending out care packages for the holidays, what local gift ideas do you send to others outside the Grand Valley? Maybe a friend or family member no longer lives here. Is there something special you send them from here in Grand Junction?

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Would You Include a Taste of Grand Junction?

Great gift ideas from Grand Junction would have to include a box of Enstoms almond toffee, right? How about some Palisade peaches, or maybe some Grand Valley wine? In the photo gallery below we have all kinds of great ideas for baked goods and treats that anyone would love to receive. Take a look at the suggestions below and tell us what else you would add.

Specialty Gifts from Grand Junction

Amy Metzger told us about the Bear Hug dolls she makes from Western Colorado which are a super cute gift idea. We also see in the gallery below some of the great ideas from Summer's Creations. Thanks, Shannon Henderson for sharing those photos with us as well.

Would You Send Some Grand Valley Dirt?

Both Jay and Connie suggested sending a few jars of Grand Valley soil to help ward off the Ute Curse that says unless you take some of the soil with you when you go, you'll just end up returning.

What local gift ideas would you include in our holiday care package? See the ideas below and then add yours to our list.

What Local Gifts Would You Include in a Holiday Gift Box from Grand Junction?

What local gifts would you include in a holiday box that you are sending to someone who no longer lives in the Grand Valley? Scroll on for some excellent additions to any care package going out for the holidays, and let us know what else you would add to our gift box.

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