The holiday season in Colorado really is one of the best times of the entire year. From the downtown Christmas Tree lighting to the Parade of Lights, Grand Junction is now ready to celebrate the holidays.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is all the memories it brings back with it. Maybe you have some great memories of a Grandparent that made Christmas special. Maybe it was the year you built a huge snow fort with your brothers and sisters and trapped your cousin inside it. Maybe you can even remember a Christmas when you got a really special gift?

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The Best Gift Ever on Christmas

Many of us can think back to a Christmas or two when we were so excited to get the one thing we really wanted. I remember the Christmas my big sister got her first Barbie Dream House. My Dad spent a week in the basement trying to put it together. I remember the year I got my giant replica Millenium Falcon, and the year I got the giant Castle Grayskull from He-man. What are some of the gifts that stand out from your childhood?

Grand Junction's Favorite Christmas Gifts

We love seeing your favorite Christmas gifts come in that helped make your childhood special. Gale Jones mentioned the year they got an Atari at their house on Christmas. Do you have a Christmas memory that involved a game system? The photo gallery below is full of great holiday memories like Easy Bake Ovens, Cabbage Patch Kids, and maybe a few other things you forgot about.

The Best Gift Will Always Be Time With Family

Colorado loves to get together with friends and family over the holidays. It's the people that you spend the holidays with that can make them a very special thing. Many radio DJs spend countless holidays at work or away from family and so YOU become our family. Thank you so much if you included a comment or a memory of a special gift that made Christmas special. Scroll through the memories below and then get ready to make even more this season with your friends and family.

Colorado Shares the Best Gift We Ever Got on Christmas Morning

Everyone has a special gift they can remember getting as a kid on Christmas morning. From Ralphie's Red Rider BB Gun to a new bike, many of us have a memory from one special Christmas in particular. What was your favorite Christmas gift of all time from your childhood?

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We're taking a look at Colorado's all-time favorite Christmas movies to watch during the holiday. Pretend YOU run the tv networks, and this year your favorite Christmas movie will be part of a 24-hour marathon. Which movie will everyone be watching for 24 hours?

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We asked you about your plans for Christmas dinner in Grand Junction and got some great ideas to take home to our families.

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