How well do you know your neighbors? The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is encouraging you to get to know those that share an apartment complex, street, and neighborhood. And yes, there's an app for that.

Of course, crime prevention is why the Sheriff's Office in asking to you "Like" thy neighbor and the social media network Nextdoor makes it easy. Think of it as a digital neighborhood watch program.

Nextdoor works like Facebook and you sign up using your home address. It's a network of "friends" that all live near you. It makes it easy and convenient to get everyone together without the need of an actual meeting. Neighbors use Nextdoor to discuss issues, crime, and safety concerns. It's not all about stopping bad guys. It can be used to share local events, garage sales, and local happenings.

Ray Michaels

The timing for all of this is excellent as well. National Night Out is coming up August 1st. It's a great opportunity to get your neighbors together and get signed up. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office confirms that the safest neighborhoods are the ones where persons are connected. Nextdoor makes connecting easy without the sometimes uncomfortable face time. No need to wait until you have some fresh brewed iced tea to invite the neighbors over.

Ray Michaels

Of course, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office is on Nextdoor too. They'll not be part of your private neighborhood group instead, they use Nextdoor like a virtual bulletin board. They'll help spread the word about what's happening in your community. If there's an increase in criminal activity, they'll alert those that live in that area. Nextdoor is another tool the Sheriff's Office can use to share information on crime prevention, safety, events, and emergency information specific to the block you live on.

Nextdoor doesn't replace "McGruff" and the "Neighborhood Watch" system. It's another way to modernize the system. Neither is it by no means a replacement to 911. If you need emergency services, want to report suspicious activity, or want to file a report, you must call 911.
Communities are already signing up. Get your neighborhood signed up or find out more by clicking HERE.
Credit: MCSO News

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