Grand Junction is the most unsafe, Fruita is one of the safest.

Make the short drive up I-70 and suddenly you're in one of the safest cities in Colorado. A couple days ago I shared with you Grand Junction's infamous last-place finish in the National Council for Home Safety and Security's rankings of safest cities in Colorado. Fruita ranked near the top with a 7th place finish. That top spot lands them with the likes of Parker and Castle Rock as some of Colorado's safest cities.

A reminder, the report was based on the number of reported violent and property crimes per 1,000 residents. Of course, Fruita's smaller size helps it's "safest city" score. Fewer people means less crime and fewer problems. However, the contrast between Grand Junction and Fruita is significant given their close proximity.

Besides the lower violent crime rate, there is much to love about Fruita. The Fall Festival, Mike The Headless Chicken Festival, The Hot Tomato, Suds Brothers, the Copper Club and that's naming just a few things this small community is known for.

So congrats to the City of Fruita! One of the safest in Colorado. Perhaps some of your community can rub off on Grand Junction and move us off of "the most unsafe city in Colorado" spot.

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