In case you've been living under a rock for the last week or so, you may not have realized that football is back!

So for the next four months or so, you'll have hours and hours of every weekend and the perfect excuse to not do all of the things you planned on doing all week long.

Now we're only one week into the NFL season, but we already have what could be described as one of the greatest highlights of the year.

During the Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns game on Sunday, the Steelers' Antonio Brown was returning a punt and had broken into the clear and just needed to get past the Browns punter Spencer Lanning.

Should be easy enough, right? Just cut one way or the other and you'll get past him, Antonio!

But instead of going left or right, Brown decided instead to go UP. That's right, he tried to jump over Lanning. And he ended up kicking him directly IN THE FAAAAACE!

On the bright side, Lanning made the tackle. Too bad he had to take a boot to the face in the process.

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