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Free Beer & Hot Wings Talk to Jim Gaffigan About ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’, the Duggars, and More (Audio)
This morning on the show, Free Beer & Hot Wings talked to comedian, actor and author Jim Gaffigan!  Jim has a new show on Wednesday nights on TV Land, "The Jim Gaffigan Show", with reruns airing on Thursday nights on Comedy Central. Jim talked about his process of writing a TV show with his writing partner: his wife!  We also blamed him for the Dukes of Hazzard being taken off TV Lan
Eric Zane’s Epic Studio Coffee Disaster [Video]
About a year ago, our old, dingy studio was ripped apart and we moved into a fancy new studio with fancy new equipment. The centerpiece of the new studio was a new audio board that cost about a billion dollars and has a thousand or so buttons. Basically, it's the last place in the world that you'd want to spill a cup of coffee. On Friday morning, Zane did just that.

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