Easter is approaching and that means Easter Egg hunts and other Easter happenings in Grand Junction as people celebrate in various ways.

A Time For Celebration

Easter is a wonderful time of celebration and this year is extra special as Easter events and Easter Egg hunts return to the Grand Valley. A feeling of hope and optimism seems to be filling the air across the Grand Valley as we continue to take those gradual steps back to the life we know, love, and cherish.

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A number of events have been scheduled across the Grand Valley to help families celebrate Easter with their children. If your church or organization is having a special Easter event or Easter Egg hunt, please let me know and I will be happy to add it to the list.

I just want to remind everyone to play fair, be nice, and share. Make sure that all the children get some eggs and have some fun.  Here's a look at where you can find Easter Egg Hunts in Grand Junction.

Easter Egg Egg Hunts and Events In Grand Junction

The good news is that Easter is back in 2021. While even a pandemic can't stop the celebration of Easter, it definitely affected our ability in 2020 to celebrate with events and activities for kids and families. This year, things are different and we are happy to share some Easter happenings in the Grand Valley.

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