It's official: the first case of coronavirus has hit Colorado. According to The Denver Post, a man visiting Summit County from out of state has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

The outbreak continues to spread, with 3,000 deaths worldwide, according to The New York Times. Since the sickness involves fever and sometimes cases of pnemonia, many of the reasons for death include a weak immune system to begin with, such as with the elderly, children, or the previously ill.

However, panic is a huge issue with this pandemic, with many hospitals asking for face mask donations. According to the Washington Post, healthy individuals hoarding protective face gear is becoming an issue for healthcare professionals.

Our contributor Kama went to three different stores today, noticing a drastic lack of hand santizer, rubbing alcohol, and disinfectant wipes on the shelves. Check out her photo below:

Kama McDonald
Kama McDonald

Governor Jared Polis plans on hosting a press conference later today to address the first case of the coronavirus in Colorado, and we will update this story with his comments when that airs.

UPDATE: Here is that press conference in full:

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