If you don't enjoy wearing your mask, don't plan on spending any time over in the Denver area over the next month as their mask mandate will be staying in place through early May. We got the details from CBS 4 regarding this decision made by Denver mayor, Michael Hancock. He said while over on the Front Range they are hitting positive milestones in fighting the pandemic, we're not finished yet.

Mayor Hancock went on to explain how COVID-19 cases have been inching up over the past several weeks, which is why he believes it's a good decision to keep the mask order in place through early May. This requirement is specifically for indoor settings.

What Will Happen to Denver's Indoor Mask Mandate After Early May

After we reach early May health officials will work with government leaders to decide whether this mask mandate would be a good thing to keep in place or if we are now clear to remove masks even in an indoor setting. It will really become a month-by-month basis after early May. The same thing can go for the requirements regarding limits on people in attendance at venues and events.

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What Is Going To Make All Mask Requirements Go Away?

According to Mayor Hancock at least in Denver, all residents should expect some sort of public health measure to be in place until both vaccination rates increase and case rates fall.

If you're planning a trip to the Front Range anytime soon, don't forget your mask.

We will try and keep you updated on the mask mandates around Colorado.

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