All of Mesa County is now a "no fireworks sale" zone.

Earlier this week the Mesa County Commissioners have banned the sale of fireworks across the county. The Cities of Grand Junction and Fruita have already banned the sale of fireworks due to the ongoing drought. Country officials say "it's too risky to let just anyone light them off and allow the sale." Mesa County Commissioner John Justman had this to say, "We have to realize that in the overall scheme of things it's not good for the community or the county and the risk of people's property, their lives or the wildlife."

Won't the ban just force those that want to purchase fireworks to drive to a neighboring county? 4th of July fireworks are a big-time tradition for some folks. To them, it's just not the holiday without grilling out, cold beer, and shooting off fireworks. As I have mentioned before, I get the safety concerns but I also understand that banning the sale of something won't prevent their use.

At this time, there are no plans to cancel the shows in Fruita on July 3rd or Grand Junction's Lincoln Park show on July 4th.

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