Mesa County officials say "no" to wolf reintroduction.

Any hopes that some may have had for the reintroduction of wolves in the region has been dashed. Mesa County Commissioners say "the animals don’t belong in this area and bringing wolves back would be way too dangerous." And just like that, the matter was settled. I not being from here it's hard for me to give much input on the idea but I did wonder "if bears are ok, why not wolves?"

It's been decades since wolves made Colorado home. The last was wiped out back in the 1940's. I understand that wolves and livestock don't mix and perhaps there wasn't much of a choice, but it seems reasonable to believe there's someplace these native animals can return.

Wolves have made "comebacks" in some places. Most notably, to Yellowstone National Park. Whether that has been a success or not depends on who you ask. Of course, a National Park is a much different environment than a National Forrest or BLM land.

There are groups that insist the wolves must be brought back. They believe they would bring balance to the ecosystem. Perhaps, but for now. Mesa County Commissioners say the animals don’t belong and bringing them back is simply too dangerous. What are your thoughts?

Credit: KKCO11News

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