It's been two years since Fallout: New Vegas depicted Sin City in all its apocalyptic glory, and now Fallout 4 is apparently on the horizon. That is if you believe the tweets of Erick Todd Dellums, who served as the voice of Galaxy News Radio DJ Three Dog in Fallout 3.

Dellums recently tweeted the following:

Although he would not confirm if the return of Three Dog is specifically for a new Fallout game, Dellums divulged that he was given permission by the higher ups to release his tease. Although Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda in 2008, Obsidian Entertainment took over as the developers of spin-off Fallout: New Vegas.

With rumors that the next Fallout will be set in Boston, coupled with the latest news from one of the franchise's most noticeable voice actors, deeper details regarding the next installment is just around the corner.